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Hacktoberfest 2018

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Contribute to open source and get a free limited-edition T-shirt


What's Hacktoberfest?

6jvpkn.pngHacktoberfest — brought to you by DigitalOcean in partnership with GitHub and Twilio — is a month-long celebration of open source software. Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors towards issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to both projects they like, and ones they've just discovered. No contribution is too small—bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.


From October 1 to October 31, contribute to any open source project (Hercules included) on GitHub to get a free T-shirt!
5 pull requests are required. (Pull requests do not have to be merged and accepted; as long as they've been opened between the very start of October 1 and the very end of October 31, they count towards a free T-shirt.)

We will be marking easy-to-tackle issues with the Hacktoberfest tag so that first time contributors can more easily find them.


>> Register on hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com





  • It is free to participate?
    • Yes!


  • Is shipping included?
    • Yes. DigitalOcean offers free worldwide shipping.


  • What shirt sizes are available for Hacktoberfest 2018?
    • DigitalOcean have not yet made public the size chart for 2018, but we know they at least offer S to 4XL sizes, for both male and female.


  • What's included in the package?
    • A thank you letter.
    • A T-Shirt.
    • A bunch of cool stickers.


  • Do I need to register for Hacktoberfest before starting to open Pull Requests?
    • No. You may register at any time during the month of October and DigitalOcean will count your pull requests retroactively from October 1 onwards.


  • Do all of my Pull Requests have to be sent to the same repository?
    • No. You may send PRs to any number of repositories you like, and as long as they are public and have an OSI-approved license they will count towards the 5+ PRs objective.


  • Do I have to wait for the start of October to open Pull Requests?
    • You may contribute all year long, but only PRs that are opened during the month of October will be counted.

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Since Hercules now uses LGTM, If you fix code quality issues during the month of October, Semmle (the company behind LGTM) will donate $3 to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect endangered species for every point you obtain. You can also win nice prizes, such as a free ticket to GitHub Universe 2018 (including travel and accommodation), a Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV camera drone, or a Raspberry PI 3 B+ Starter Kit development board.


Points will only be awarded for fixes that reach the main branch of a project’s repository (i.e. for Pull Requests that are merged), and will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 point per recommendation, 3 points per warning, and 5 points per error fixed.
  • Since Hercules has automatic code review enabled, then points awarded for fixes will be 3x the normal amount.
    • This means 3 points, 9 points, and 15 points.

So for example, if a participant fixes 3 errors, they will be awarded 45 points ((3 * 5) * 3), and Semmle will donate $135 to WWF.


>>>> Register on https://competitions.lgtm.com/ghu-2018

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19 hours ago, Myriad said:

trying to come up with 3 more PRs is hard...maybe I will just delete and re-open my ones from before October lol.

The easiest PR would be documentation, Hercules lacks source documentation for many functions,

See the doxygen style formatting and you can do it one folder at a time, of some files at a time.

Easy PR + It helps Hercules to be documented (and we could also use doxygen to make online documentation)


More info on doxygen format: https://rathena.org/board/topic/89503-standardizing-source-documentation-and-code/

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It's the last week of Hacktoberfest!

If you’ve already completed 5 or more pull requests, you’ll be hearing from DigitalOcean via email soon for them to collect your address and t-shirt size.
If you’re still working on reaching your goal, keep in mind that you may contribute to any project on GitHub, not just Hercules.  (yes, even rAthena)

Click here to find issues labeled "Hacktoberfest" on GitHub.


Hacktoberfest values:

  • Everyone is welcome! – This program welcomes everyone already in the open source software community, and anyone who is interested in diving in.
  • Quantity is fun, Quality is key – Participating leads to personal growth, professional opportunities, and community building. It all starts with meaningful contributions.
  • Short term action, long term impact – We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Your participation has a lasting effect long after October.


Happy hukking 🎃

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Thank you!

Hercules would like to thank everyone who contributed for hukktoberfest 2018

List of pull requests: https://git.io/fxpL5


We hope to see you again next year! ✨🎉

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