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New RO Community - ROLibrary

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ROLibrary is a new community I'm creating that hopefully will be able to improve the RO Scenario a little bit. I'll explain why a bit down there. 

The idea started because after I stopped playing competitively, I realized that RO ideas simply wouldn't stop coming and I'd start to create a lot of random texts, notes, suggestions and ideas that never really went anywhere. I was almost considering paying someone to develop these ideas to me so I could keep them with me as some sort of "personal collection". However, after multiple discussions in some discord channels I realized that I should try to help the RO scenario a little bit. So that's why I had the idea to create the ROLibrary. 

The idea consists of a collaborative forum aiming to consolidate actually useful guides and information, identify RO main issues nowadays and to create a solid base to encourage our members to suggest changes they would like to see in the game. One of our objectives is to be a reliable point of information that won't disappear like most information stored on server forums, that'll be gone as soon as the server dies. 

After a while (approx. in the end of the year), our plan is to pay a developer (Protimus, from brAthena) to get some of the suggestions developed and store them in a protected area. We'll then choose servers and admins we consider good people and that are in this admin world because they have good intentions and give some of our developed systems/solutions for free. Then hopefully we'll be able to support the good admins to compete against the cashgrab and/or corrupt ones. 

 The forum is divided into 3 parts:

  • Information Database - An area dedicated to useful RO information and guides. From the in-game stuff to the act of creating and managing a server. I'm still creating the guides but I'm already almost finished with the pre-renewal woe class guides. 
  • Brainstorm Area - The place where we'll discuss known RO issues, game design flaws and server management errors and based on the identified issues, propose changes to improve the game. 
  • Developer's Hub - In order to have a balanced community with players and developers, we also encourage every admin and developer to post about their projects and even showcase finished content in our showcase area. We also have a area to discuss about current servers freely and without any moderation from the server admins. 

So I gladly invite you guys to check it out and even showcase your stuff there if you liked our idea.

You can access it through To post, you'll need to be promoted to 'Members' group. To get automatically promoted, simply create a quick presentation thread.

Hope you all like it and feedbacks are welcome!

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On 10/26/2018 at 1:12 PM, Echoes said:

First, awesome idea you got there. I like it of acting like a library for future generations :D 

But, as a web freak, I would encourage you to secure the domain with or any other you want to use. Seeing the green lock aside of the adress relax me haha

Sorry for the long delay to answer! 


Yeah, I'm not that good on web dev. I'll do that, thanks for the tip!

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