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Put a stop on not found plugin so server dont loop restarting ?

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In a case where \conf\plugins.conf

contains non existing plugin

All 3 server will keep restarting and flashing

while upon closing only map server show what error is

so can there be a pause be put to pause execution of the server when plugin not found error occur???

to prevent infinite restarting all 3 server?



plugins_list: [
    /* Enable HPMHooking when plugins in use rely on Hooking */
//    "db2sql",
    "xsa",  // << intended test case!  non existance plugin uncompiled



Error shown on map server:

[Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'Mapcache' (1.0.0).
[Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'getstoragelist' (x_O).
[Status]: HPM: Loaded plugin 'maxbaselv' (x_O).
[Fatal Error]: HPM:plugin_load: failed to load 'plugins/xsa.dll' (error: The spe
cified module could not be found.

Map-Server has terminated abnormally.
Restarting in 5 seconds, press Ctrl+C to cancel.//xsa
The system cannot find the path specified.

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map server by itself does not auto-restart, what you are using is a wrapper script (map-server.bat) if you do not want it to restart you should use map-server.exe directly or make your own wrapper script

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ima going to put this as Rejected

btw you should tell what is your OS ...
I'm using Windows 7 SP1, map-server.bat will always restart,
to not make it restart, run from the MS-DOS


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