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There are MANY variations of Lotti Girl script, even me too, have made several of them

so today I try to gather them all, and make a release with ALL features from all the topics gathered



Feature no.1 -> show the percentage chance
chinese government has a rule that all lottery system must show the percentage chance to the public
hence the script should show the lottery chance in percent

Feature no.2 -> Roll Repeatedly
imagine if you have 500 tickets, and you want to spend them all,
all other scripts available on rathena board will force the player to spend them 1 by 1
this script can roll up to 100 times on the fly, effectively save player's time

Feature no.3 -> Lotti shop
even if you spend a lot of tickets and still getting all the trash items, you still collecting points, and able buy them in Lotti Shop

Feature no.4 -> Lotti ladder
compete with other players and see who has the highest Lotti Rank !


oh and ... HULD compatible :innocent: == rAthena members can't use this


1.0 -  script


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Huld = I'm not going into detail about this, ask it in other topic


2. can't you just test the script ... all 4 features in 1 script of course...

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6 hours ago, Eternity said:

@AnnieRuru is there way yo u can make it compatible for rA version please?
Thank you!

hmm ? I already post up the topic links in the spoiler isn't it ?
those are the topics that are made inside rathena forum, and its compatible with rathena

but if you insist of my work ... well we can talk price

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