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this is probably one of my famous script, just realize it recently

Download : 1.1



History :

originally this was only made for fun

but then Euphy loves it, so it was added in SVN later,

but then rAthena changed their monster mode
after this script was reported broken, couldn't use in Hercules anymore

so I have to fix this script for use in Hercules

my KRO still not update enough to use Barter system, but this format shouldn't be very far from it


0.1 - script
- made for fun

0.2 - script
- fix some entry are being repeated, split MVP and mini-boss out from the SQL

0.3 - script
- fix baphomet not showing up in MVP list

1.0 - script
- adopt Hercules trader system

1.1 - script
- fix duplicate issue from trader type npc, change into function


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