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my gunslinger that ive been hiding

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I cleared my cache and lost this ancient youtube account... If you see anything posted by this after april 18th its not me




I dont really post my things often enough so this is the gunslinger ive worked on and created from the stuff I wrote in this thread : 


desperado : now doesnt hit targets directly next to you... meaning you gotta mob in in a certain area

the new triple shot : split into 2 skills left hand and right hand akimbo . . . if you use right hand, you got a 1 second window to use left hand, obviously more consistent damage and stuff

magic bullet : just a jump shot using old brandish spear 

rapidshower: actually just planned to make it a large ish aoe that was spammable highly effect by delay but with a high chance of missing at higher levels... sacraficing damage for accuracy which would be countered at higher gears with more hit ETC ETC genius i know

the others ive worked on a bit but didnt know how i wanted to continue at that point


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Half of my knight was killed in the great upgrade of my client but some still remains intact


So pretty much you got your aura going on , it was planned on being anti heal 

Now at the start i target the poring and he isnt effected by rage burst

rage burst pushes everything effectively except for marked targets.. get it?



I had some 1h sword stuff sonic wave was made similar to sharp shooting where it hits everything but i showed that in the gunslinger video, along with a few more movement skills that i developped really early on ... now i can use the same functions as my gunslinger




As for everything else i had planned with my current skill set:


I had alot of plans but decided to go and just make my own game but these were the sum of it :

Soul Linker : New aura system... everyone has them. Soul linkers can merge auras with people like how bards and dancer used to inneffictivly do with each other. Just some revamped links and the only really planned skill was a CAGE that you casted on top of monsters that changed elements... 4 sided firewall with adjustable element

Champion:Expanded Spirit Orb system... many classes will have use of spirit balls and champion will get his skills involving sharing and gaining spirit orbs... storing them or making an aura that adds spirit orbs to team mates... then the combat build was gonna get cut in half too many combos... maybe just split them up and make them do different things

Star Gladiator : Gladiator is fine.. i didnt actually put much thought into him yet but was gonna go with the fast paced RUNNING FSK... also stances gave atk bonuses SOOO more stances = higher ATK bonus... however thats 4 more kicks to keep track of. 

Ninja: I was gonna keep it pretty similar.. not sure about the gimmick mechanics but just generally a strong hybrid.. wasnt too sure about the aura but a reverse tatami aura the triggers on team mates aroud you would be intereting

Gunslinger : Seen above, versatile, many weapons high ranged damage

Lord Knight :Seen above.. Versatile, 1h sword , 2h swords, spears... 1h weapons were gonna focus on movement abilities while spears werent decided.. hybrid weapons planned... anti heal aura atm

Paladin: Had him have a custom homunculous , his soul.. and he had many stationary skills (auras) where he would become unmovvable unsable but you could still control your homunculus.. added some more status holy magics and nothing planned for the defensive skill tree.... blinding aura and slowing auras for enemies.. not sure about allies

High Wizard : I was saving this one for last but i like frost nova... No plans really ill admit

Sage: same as wizard but i really like using light bolt and mobbing seals with movement seal back in the day... probably keep the same idea as vaccumm+psychic wave but more rational... probably gonna turn deluge and all them into auras.. not sure how im gonna spread them

Sniper : whatever i dont keep for simple damage ... arrow/bow skills will be turned into stat reduction attacks.. crippling agility / vitality  / str things like that to allow more chances for status you couldnt inflict before . . . traps were just gonna be buffed in general not planned yet... i think i was gonna give it a movement speed aura

clown: Planned on making similar to auto cast sage but using instruments and sound skills... I only plan like 100 steps at a time, i threw away duets for now and probably just gonna buff all the songs once i decide on a combat build for them... so many songs probably gonna spread them out as much as a i can before deciding what to do

high priest: No idea

white smith: Constructs, walls, job specific turrets with custom ai, probably just gonna give all the bs/ws skills to someone else and just make it mostly summons... probably just gonna give him an hp buff def buff aura not sure

creator: i wanted to add an infection spin to it, giving it a biorifle  similar to unreal ... along with spreading insects swarms and things like that, 

Oh and my stalker was gonna get a gun sprite, given the sage free cast, and sharp skill shots... but being able to hit lock targets and getting them stuck in the cast area ;) 

Lots of things i wanna do

Doesnt mean I was scrapping all the old skills just making them all stronger really, instead of just 1hko ... 1h aoe ko zeny farm . . 


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