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Portable Hercules Compiler for Windows 10 (189MB only)



As you see on the video above, the compiler works PERFECTLY fine on Windows for Hercules.
I think this small and very easy to use thing will be very helpful for people which care about their storage, and bandwidth.


Create a package of code compiler for the emulator, which took up little space,
and will as portable as possible, it will not require installation, and which can be stored on a USB flash drive.


Download Link: MEGA or Google Drive (189MB)

How to use?

Like on Linux, but on windows (thx to Cygwin)

  1.  Download, extract, run start_console.cmd
  2.  cd D:\path\to\your\emulator
  3. make clean && ./configure && make server
  4. wait when compilation will finish
  5. ./run-server.bat
  6. make sure that your SQL server is working fine (if you don't have any install, or take OpenServer from RO offline pack)

If you wish to run a server outside the Cygwin environment, you need a lot of dlls copy-paste from /bin/ folder to emulator
I give up to finish it and fix rAthena compiler issue (because the issue with CMake files, they are weird), because I have no time and it's out of my interest.

Extra Notes
Request: please, someone who can fix the rAthena to make work with this release.
189MB compiler is very helpful, because not need to download 1.9GB for lite MSBuild, and ~8-9GB for Visual Studio. Feel the difference.


  • Note: cygwin always slower than original native code.
  • Note: rAhena can't compile with -stl=c++11, use -stl=gnu++11
  • Note: even with this -stl=gnu+11 you will get a crash a char-server, if you are a developer, try to debug it by yourself and fix, this is rAthena issue, not a package issue.
  • Note: tested: hercules, eathena, brathena, 3ceam -> works fine without any issues, even in gdb mode.



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