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ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project

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Im ready to start posting my game that is being built on the Hercules Emulator.


I dont really have anything to say except that theirs GOOD horror, and BAD horror

I just hope I can make it good. 


So the first idea I came up with was how I can take advantage of the newer clients, their layouts compared to the older clients, both have ups and downs but I went with a fully updated client. 

That left me with doram at the character selection screen. Meaning I needed to find a way to use both slots , human and doram.



So I really wanted to try and mix up a crazy apocalypse, not restricted to zombies.. no.. Its going to be filled with demons and monsters, but for the time being I only made my character sprites, and a few npcs just to see how things look. Made some maps to build up from: 


This is the train station I had planned to let novices(mercenaries) start off at:


Along with the train behind it : 



My issues right now are :

-Advertisement ****Holy crap I have no imagination or something, I tried hard not to rip anyone off. Most likely going to come back and fix all these once I get better at texturing

-You may notice I shine really bright on the ramps because im not standing on the FLOOR but a MODEL which apprently doesnt shine darkness...... I know of a way to fix it but I didnt do it yet cause I thought it may just be browedit

-Didnt add the train wheels cause I really wanted to write this up.


Future plans for this area:

Like you will see below I made custom water to make a new background.... Just scroll down a bit. You cant miss it.

I really wanna make some sort of hollywood blue screen , and make a moving train effect for the "introduction"



So a close up of my Novice (Mercenary) sprite, along with an AK47 just because. 



I dont have issues with spriting and animations , its just a long process. ATM my navi sprite is probably 80% complete and my merc is 70% AK47 Still wanna play around with the flash muzzle crap

A taste of what my future jobs will be like :

Advancement will be kinda morally based weather you wanna dip into the powers of darkness and gain demonic fires or you know become a slayer or whatever, and use holy lightning. Tech vs Claws... 

"What about PvP?"

Yeah I keep pvp in mind. What I really thought would be cool would be to have a ghost you can control and lay traps and spawns around the map and try to kill players, obviously rewarding to both sides. 

I really liked Zombie Master(Google it), so thats KINDA the road im going for


Alright so what about Doram Race?

Zombies dont care about ATMs or Old Computers.

Whatevers still working is going to be hackable. (think jacking in like megaman)




Whats going on here? Well Ive been playing with frames and custom skills for a while and figured out a way to create the illusion of skills being used but solely by using their animations. (pretty much what we got now but im thinking aoe attacks{this one for example hits targets all around it})

Custom background just copied battle network, just to see how a cybery world with flashy colors would look 


This is who you would control in the digital areas. I guess they can be made any color. I dont really plan on making any boy sprites, just NPC's 



Ive been exprimenting with weapon animations and how i could add flavor to my skills.

So for example this blank item im equipping gives me the light blue slashes, so the idea is to eventually make a bunch of equipment that creates things like drones and you know cyber punky things. (Imagine .hack// where data drain is involved and pretty much the whole g.u series and how you can search for rips in the game)




Whats next? 

I need to start building the city, modern buildings, garbage, cars.

Ill probably do that train introduction after I get myself excited from seeing my city

"what about the custom src stuff?" - Well I think ive gathered enough around here to say that, its no problem. I spent like 8-12 months on that, actually most of this time ive just been trying to copy the original RO artstyle and mapping....


Story? Nah not really. Its just going to be a sandbox with side quests really. Any lore will be derived from books,movies and games that already exist, sure ill add my own spin on it but I dont wanna make something, just to say its different, because that would be impossible. (good horror vs bad horror)

Probably have a questline from mercenary until your first job advancement. . .


"Can you please make your weapon sprites work on a few RO jobs?"

- Yeah ill probably make some for sniper and rebellion... Later though


"What are some films/games/books you get motivation from"

Movies/Anime: George Romero OFC, The Thing, Alien Series, Terraformars, Gantz, Yugioh 

Games: .hack// , Castlevania, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dying Light , Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor (Pretty sure its a mix of alot more but you know what i mean)

Books/Manga: Soul Eater, Hell Girl, Sherlock Holmes (Not much good horror manga :/)


"Can we have your models?"

-Yeah but only after im done with them first ;) 


"I heard you were interested in creating your own models"

-Probably not unless its something small like food, at most ill strip down bigger models just so its not a huge mess




Thats it for this post.



Big thanks and I hope im not insulting you:

@Syouji most of all for all his browedit videos, I dunno how long that woulda taken me alone.

And everyone else who's ever written a useful post. Their is just too many things spread out to name anyone but you know who you are. 



Oh yeah, Blam! is pretty good too

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I must say good concept, however the map should be little dark (maybe change the model to little dark colors since I have no idea if light would affect models).

Also for doram, I believe there's lua file named externalservice which can be used to disable that slot.

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2 hours ago, Dastgir said:

I must say good concept, however the map should be little dark (maybe change the model to little dark colors since I have no idea if light would affect models).

Also for doram, I believe there's lua file named externalservice which can be used to disable that slot.

Yep thats the plan, Lightmaps are actually one of my "issues" and still learning how to exploit them as much as I can. 


Ill have to check, 



Thanks but I dont think I can use this :P



I dont wanna waste anything :/ 

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Ill keep my reserved post for other things. 


Working on the entrance to my subway


Trying to not get sued, so i still have to use my own imagination

No issues with textures or models... I wanted to try and get a hand at animated models for the lettering but ill probably save that for another day and just lay this out now


issues : 

street corners, I can make them half transparent but light doesnt pass through the floor so even if i fill in the holes with models with the same texture as the ground, there is no light so i cannot make it darker. 

Maybe if I stick a light bulb in the floor... hmm 


Glass, I havnt experimented much with transparent sprites with a bit of reflection.... i really dont wanna just leave it open


"That looks like it probably takes awhile"
- its ok, personally i cant just sit down for 10 hours only working on maps... but I usually have something ro related open on my desktop... general process is gather the models i wanna work with + find all their textures... after that its easy really.

"What do you do with the other 14 hours?"


trying to make models i can reuse and not just make every setting unique... 

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