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Function to check for players with same IP on same map

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This function will check for players with the same IP on the same map.

In the sample, if it finds a player with the same IP on said map, you get warped back to prontera and kicked.

Note: Don't use it recklessly or else you spam your mapserver and might kill it.

function	script	char_same_unique_id	{
	.@my_map$ = getarg(0);
	// get array of char names who are online from the same IP
	query_sql "SELECT `char`.`name` FROM `char` LEFT JOIN login ON `char`.account_id=login.account_id " +
	          "WHERE last_ip=(SELECT last_ip FROM login WHERE account_id="+playerattached()+") AND online AND `char`.account_id!=" + playerattached(), .@name$;
	// check each char, and see if they are on the map
	for (.@i = 0; .@i < getarraysize(.@name$); .@i++) {
		getmapxy .@map$, .@x, .@y, 0, .@name$[.@i];
		if (.@map$ == .@my_map$)
			return 1; // another char from this IP is already on that map
	return 0; // no other chars from this IP are on that map

// Example for usage //

-	script	OnPCLoadMapEvent	FAKE_NPC,{
	setarray(.nodualmaps$[0], "schg_cas06", "schg_cas07", "schg_cas08", "arug_cas06", "arug_cas07", "arug_cas08", "bat_b03");

	getmapxy(.@map$, .@x, .@y, 0);
	// -- BG Maps ---------------------------------
	for (.@i = 0; .@i < getarraysize(.nodualmaps$); ++.@i) {
		if (.@map$ == .nodualmaps$[.@i]) {
			if (callfunc("char_same_unique_id", .nodualmaps$[.@i])) {
				dispbottom("No dual clienting in BG please.");
				atcommand("@kick " + strcharinfo(PC_NAME));



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