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Custom Flag GR2

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Custom Flag GR2

Hello once again... ;]
Here to bring you guys this GR2 edit of the old guild flag that i've made years ago.

This release features a more high resolution mesh with a 2 sided flag, showing the emblem in both sides. It means that you can overlap 2 flags with 2 oposite directions to generate a  cool effect. You can do what you want.

The instalation:
- at jobname.lua/lub:
-- [jobtbl.JT_GUILD_FLAG] = "rapa_flag.gr2",

note that you cannot have the _1 at the end of de .gr2 filename since it brings the 3dmob_bones into action and we dont want that.

some cons:
- since it is a high res model it takes longer to load ( affects map loading time )
- the positioning of a 3D gr2 mob is always very glichy, for example the final position after movement is diferent from deafault 8 directional.. so you can come up with some ideas to position it right. For example, doing a OnInit: walknpc... to make it walk to the direction you want it to face...

Video: ( Was recording other stuff but the model appear on screen, don't mind what i'm doing... )





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