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Some new hercules features

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Display group (titlte) and icon for mobs, homunculus, npc, mercenaries

For set icon in some way need get bl_id of npc, mob etc and call function:


Set icon

setunitdata(GID, UDT_GROUP, ID)

Icon files stored in directory data/texture/유저인터페이스/group/group_ID.bmp

Where GID is bl id of being, ID is icon id.

Example for npc:

setunitdata(getnpcid(), UDT_GROUP, 3);

It will use this image:



Set group

setunittitle(GID, group_name);

Where group_name is any name what you want assign to group

Example for npc:

setunittitle(getnpcid(), "Hercules");


Sample images





Works from versions:

ragexe from 20180207,

ragexeRE from 20171129,

ragexe_zero from 20171130

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Cool!, this can be very useful to identify special events, mobs,npc, etc.

More power to Herc!

Thank you Herc's Developers :D !

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