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Battle Arena Solo

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Battle Arena Solo

* System can select random 2 players in the queue for each server.
* You can create more server as you want as long as you know the steps.
* Removing all the buffs of selected players for each match.
* Can create multiple servers so that more players can access the queue.
* Return players to its old position when the match ends.
* Can set losing of points when players logout/disconnected.
* Can set rewards for eliminating higher rank players and don't worry, it is secured from abusive players.
* Can increase player attack and magic power from 50% upto 300%.

Future Update
* Adding level requirements to join.
* Adding filtering feature for multi-client that will not select queued players in the same PC. This will require Gepard Shield to enable.
* Adding selection feature where system will choose opponents with the same class.
* Adding weekly rewards for top 3 players via RODEX.
* Adding mapflag where players can't unequip and equip items in the map.
* Adding bonus_script patch for hercules.
* Adding settings for hit rate increase in hercules.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nl073092
Skype: nasagnilac.leiron

Arena Points Table
➤ 0 ~ 499
➤ 500 ~ 1099
➤ 1100 ~ 1299
➤ 1300 ~ 1499
➤ 1500(±25)

➤ If the system selected player 1 with 1500 points, it will select an opponent with this range of points 1475 ~ 1525 for the player 2 if it doesn't find any match for the points. The system will select a new player 1 and repeat the process.



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