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Aspect Ragnarok Online

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- Aspect Basic Features -


  • Base lvl: 5x
  • Job lvl: 5x
  • Drop: 7x
    - Card / Item / Equipement Drop: 7x
    - MVP Item / Equipement Drop: 3x
    - MVP Card Drop: 1x
    Quest: 3x


  • Max Stats: 99
  • Max Attack Speed: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150 Dex

Custom Commands

  • @arealoot
  • @noks
  • @autotrade
  • @whobuy
  • @whosell
  • @mi
  • @ii
  • @whodrops
  • @whereis
  • @showzeny
  • @showexp
  • @langtype
  • @uptime

Custom Automated Events

  • Almost Poring
  • PVP Deathmatch
  • Poring Catcher

Custom NPCs

  • Rester
    - System is still in process, info will be added soon
  • Town Warper
  • Stylist
    - Quest required for both cloth & hair color change. 50k zeny for new hair style
  • Quest Shop
    - Only contains pre-re & re stats less costumes all obtainable by quests or donations
  • Brave Hunter
    - Leads you to the Hunting Association which is where you can find all the Bounty boards available.
  • Redeem Donation
    - Redeems and exchanges your Donation credits into Cash Points to aquire Costumes
  • Cash Shop
    - Here you can aquire the Costumes, which are obtainable via Cash Points
  • Training Grounds
    - A little help for new players to get some boost
  • Freebies NPC
    - Give basic novice items at the start of your adventure + 1x Field Manual: 50% more exp for 30 mins

** More to come !!!

Custom Quests

  • Bounty Boards
  • Coupon Girl
    - This quest is to obtain Aspect Dye Coupon which 1x is required to be able to change cloth or hair color.
    1 White Dyestuffs
    35 Oil Papers

    5 pearls

    - Take note that you can only change color once with 1x coupon, if you ever crave for a new look later on you need to re-do the quest. 

** More to come !!!

For more information , please visit our website/forums

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**AspectRO is a new classic server which is now open since 15-06-2019**
**We offer proxies for all the major areas in the RO community**
We thrive to offer our players the best aspects of RO that made us all fall in love with that great classic MMORPG.

There'll be a constant progression on AspectRO because we do not wish to just release a server to watch it rot after a few months.

Our main goal is to build a strong community where everyone can enjoy this great game without having to worry about things like P2W. We only offer stat less costumes in our Cash Shop, nothing else.

Our players will be rewarded all equally, so the only way you can become the true MVP of Aspect is by working hard and showcase your skills!

There you can get all the information about what the server has to offer in term of basic features..

Where you can also find us:



Official Website 

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