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May Digest 2019

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March - April Digest 2019

The following digest covers the month of May 1st - May 31st 2019

Team Changes

  • @Luciar has joined as Support Leader.


  • Fixed an issue in the player name packet causing names not to be sent correctly. (#2460, issue #2459)
  • Fixed a null pointer error on MVP drops. (#2461)
  • Fixed a packet generation issue that caused the Guild Storage to appear empty. (#2464, issue #2463)
  • Fixed use of ZC_SE_PC_BUY_CASHITEM_RESULT on old packet versions that didn't support it. (#2465)
  • Fixed a calculation error in the ASPD (and/or other substats) when the maximum stats have values higher than default. (#2419)
  • Fixed a parsing error in the HPM Hooks Generator. (#2467)
  • Fixed a reading error in refine database caused refine chances to be incorrectly read. (#2481)


  • Added consolemes() script function which allow the script engine to print error, warning, status, debug and info messages to the console. (part of #2440)
  • Added the item combo effect for Geffenia Tomb of Water (2161) and La'cryma Stick (1646). (#2441, issue #1982)
  • Added support for mobs to drop items with Random Options. See the new database file db/option_drop_group.confand the new optional syntax in the drop entries of mob_db.conf. (#2309)
  • Added a global function F_MesItemInfo(), to print an item name with description link, formatted for the current client version. (#2068)
  • Added/updated packets, encryption keys and message tables for clients up to 2019-05-02. (#2432)
  • Added a new function clif_selforarea() to send packets to self, falling back to area when no target is specified. (part of #2432)
  • Added script commands getunittitle() and setunittitle(), and the related information in the unit_datastructure. (part of #2432)
  • Added support for players to automatically reject party invites through the party options. (part of #2432)
  • Added an option to automatically drop the connection on the server side when a character is kicked. See drop_connection_on_quit in client.conf (note: the previous behavior was equivalent to true). (part of #2432)
  • Added an option to force character save when the party options are changed. See save_settings in map-server.conf. (part of #2432)
  • Added the script command closeroulette() and the related packet ZC_ACK_CLOSE_ROULETTE to close the roulette window. (part of #2432)
  • Added a missing CSBR_BUSY value to enum CASH_SHOP_BUY_RESULT. (part of #2432)
  • Added support for the refinery UI. See the new refine_db.conf changes and the settings enable_refinery_ui and replace_refine_npcs in features.conf to toggle between the new UI and the previous scripted refiner. (#2446)
  • Added a new SkillInfo flag HiddenTrap, to make certain traps invisible, according to the trap_optionsconfiguration flag. The default settings have changed to match Renewal. Pre-renewal users might want to review trap_options and the now superseded traps_setting. (#2232, issues #1927 and #1928)


  • Extended @dropall to accept an optional argument for item type (#2439).
  • Updated copyright header in the configuration files for year 2019. (part of #2452)
  • Extended the getinventorylist() script command to return an array @inventorylist_favorite, set to true when the item is located in the favorite tab. (#2426)
  • Split the function clif_blname_ack() into bl type-specific functions. (part of #2432)
  • Extended getunitdata() and setunitdata() with support for the group ID (UDT_GROUP), and added the related information in the unit_data structure. (part of #2432)
  • Moved the UDT_* constants from constants.conf to script.c. (part of #2432)
  • Extended the guild expulsion information to include the character ID for supported client versions. This includes a database migration. (part of #2432)
  • Disabled packet validation in socket_datasync(). (part of #2432)
  • Moved the refine database and refine related functions to a new refine.c file. A public and private interface is provided, with public database accessors refine->get_bonus() and refine->get_randombonus_max(). (part of #2446)
  • Changed several battle calculation limits to be configurable through battle/limits.conf and no longer hardcoded. Several status_data fields and battle functions now use int instead of short to accommodate this change. (#2419)
  • Changed the unitwarp() script command to allow NPCs to be relocated to non-walkable cells (like movenpc()). (#2453)


  • Corrected MSVC version naming in console (#2450).
  • Corrected an example using a sprite number instead of a constant in (#2449)
  • Fixed an issue in a monster death label callback in npc/custom/events/mushroom_event.txt when the monster is killed without an attached player. (#2442, issue #1955)
  • Fixed an issue where when a chat room handler leaves, the following leader won't be checked for cell_chknochatand will bypass it. (#2443, issue #1569)
  • Corrected the documentation for pincode.enabled in the char-server configuration. (part of #2452)
  • Fixed an incorrectly displayed ITEMLINK entry in the OldGlastHeim script. (part of #2068)
  • Fixed a packet size underflow in the storage packet for certain client versions. (#2424)
  • Fixed an issue that caused named/brewed/forged items to be saved to database with the wrong character ID. Database migrations are provided, to update the existing data. (#2425, issue #2409)
  • Fixed a truncated title in the inventory window. (part of #2432)
  • Fixed a possible overflow in the guild member login field (only supporting timestamps until 2036-12-31). (part of #2432)
  • Fixed a compile error with old packet versions. (part of #2432, issue #2438)
  • Fixed a potential exploit related to the vending skill, by adding stricter validation on the vending status flags. (part of #2432)
  • Fixed a regression, restoring the ability for HPM Hooks to hook into private interfaces, through the new macros addHookPrePriv() and addHookPostPriv(). (#2447)
  • Fixed a zeny loss caused by the inter-server deleting zeny from messages when the user only requests to take items. (#2455)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Perl 5.26 in the item converter script. (#2444)
  • Fixed various gitlab-ci build failures, by removing some no longer supported debian versions and packages. The gcc-4.6, gcc-4.7 and gcc-5 builds have been removed. (#2458)


  • Deprecated the script command debugmes(), superseded by consolemes(). (part of #2440)


  • Removed the superseded traps_setting configuration flag, replaced by trap_options. (part of #2232)

    Special thanks to

    @Haru @4144 @Asheraf @hemagx @KirieZ

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