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Need help with elemental sword callfunc


Hello, I would like my elemental sword to not be stack-able.

In order to do so, i found a script on rathena which I reproduced on one of my script : 

function script test {
   set [email protected], (getequipid(3)==13414?1:0)+(getequipid(4)==13414?1:0);

       if([email protected]==1) {
       bonus3 bAutoSpell,"MG_COLDBOLT",3,50;
       bonus4 bAutoSpellOnSkill,"MG_COLDBOLT","MG_FIREBOLT",3,1000;
       bonus4 bAutoSpellOnSkill,"MG_FIREBOLT","MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT",3,10000;
       bonus4 bAutoSpellOnSkill,"MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT","WZ_EARTHSPIKE",3,10000;

   if([email protected] > 0){
       bonus bStr,2;
       bonus bInt,4;
       bonus bDex,1;
       bonus bMatkRate,5;
       bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Neutral,10;



I tried reproducing it by changing item_db.conf, I changed the script of elemental sword :      Script: <"callfunc "elemental";  ">

But I get the following error : 


I'm guessing the rathena code is depreciated or not compatible with hercules. But does someone have an idea how to fix it ? If you have another way to prevent elemental sword from being stack-able, i'd really like to hear it otherwise. 

Thanks a lot

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