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Hello guys, I'm looking for a paid developer who could help me with;

• Source modifications (eg. skill modification)

• NPC scripting (fixing and creation)

• Troubleshooting (Bugs and other stuff like fluxcp errors)

Basically, you will be our regular developer and you will get a fixed pay (negotiable).


We are planning to update our server regularly after opening so we're hoping to have you help with regular updates and support (if bugs occurs).  But it's also fine if you can't help us regularly.  We're alright with freelancers who can just provide some of the things that we need to be done/added.  We're also hoping you're someone active where we could get a reply within minutes - 24 hours.

Please contact me by replying here or by PMs.  We are looking for someone who has a good reputation or at least a fairly decent reputation.  We're also willing to pay upfront so reputation is important.

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Edited.  Got a developer to help with server setup, website setup, and patcher setup.  Now looking for a regular developer who will be helping us with everything (src, skills, scripts, bug fix) besides running the server.

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