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Botong-ui | FluxCP Theme

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Botong-ui | FluxCP Theme

Hi! This is kind of my "sorry for appearing and disappearing, please accept my apology" beta release.

It's not exactly a theme, there are changes to some of the library files as well as changes to the configuration files. Very minor, really. You can see all the changes here: https://github.com/marqroldan/FluxCP

There are also fixes that support the changes to the structures of the tables, if I missed any please notify me.

Note that this is currently for Hercules version of FluxCP and not compatible with rAthena's.

This theme is based on Bootstrap 4 (so it still includes jQuery). It is responsive.
What you see on the main page isn't something I created. It's just a random Bootstrap 4 template that I downloaded.

That Bootstrap 4 Template Details:

Theme Name: Rapid
Theme URL: https://bootstrapmade.com/rapid-multipurpose-bootstrap-business-template/
Author: BootstrapMade.com
License: https://bootstrapmade.com/license/

Video Preview: 



  1. Why is the file so big? Yeah normally it's less than 20MB but it's due to the inclusion of the item icons and thumbnails.
  2. Where are the images? You can get them from here: https://github.com/marqroldan/FluxCP/tree/dataImages or http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2509-item-images/
  3. It's not working! Nani? Well it should be working fine (if you've installed all the necessary and required tables). Should you encounter any bugs or problems feel free to reply on this topic so I could patch it on the repo.
  4. Will you update your Stellar FluxCP skin? No. It will forever stay that way and will not provide any support. This Botong-ui theme however will be updated from time to time.
  5. How frequent is the update to this theme? Always check the repository for recent changes, not this forum's download section. For faster updates. ;)
  6. How to change to another theme? Simple, open your browser's developer tools and go to the console and type: updatePreferredTheme("[themename]") where you replace the bold text to the name of the theme you want to switch to.
  7. Can I contribute? Of course! Just make a pull request on the repo :D
  8. Your repository is so messy. I have no valid excuse for this. I'm still learning how to properly use Git / version control system and would greatly appreciate it if you have tips.


Thank you!


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3 hours ago, Hyvraine said:

Botong-ui | FluxCP Theme



WoW this is good fluxCp tbh. great work as always keep the good developments :) Thank you also for this file.

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