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[PAID] Looking for a way to decrease after cast delay on a specific map

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Currently my server is set like this : 

// Delay time after casting (Note 2)
delay_rate: 15

in my conf.conf, so players have a -85% after cast delay server wide. But I would like this setting NOT to apply on a specific map, in order to set a 99/70 vanilla woe (with classic delay_rate). But right now I have no idea how to increase after cast delay beside this setting which I don't want to modify. 

So what I'd like to have is : 
delay_rate: 15 for every map on my sever 
a specific map (for example pay_fild01) with delay_rate: 100

I will give you 5€ (paypal) to anyone kind enough to give me the answer !

Thanks you !

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My advice would be to create a mapflag for this setting. PM me if you still need this job done.

If you just want to hardcode a single map, you can do the following.

1. Open src/map/skill.c. Go to skill_delay_fix().

2. Edit the following 2 lines.

	if (battle_config.delay_rate != 100)
		time = time * battle_config.delay_rate / 100;

Change to

	if (strcmpi(map->list[bl->m].name, "pay_fild01") == 0)
		time = time * n / 100; // change 'n' to value you want
	else if (battle_config.delay_rate != 100)
		time = time * battle_config.delay_rate / 100;


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