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Taekwon FSK mechanics + movement on grid


So ive been trying to deal with the movement on the grid but had issues with direcitonal, and lagging when you get hit


Ive tried many things but the problem kept persisting until someone asked me why the lag doesnt happen on flying side kick....


		case MR_LUNGE:
				if (unit->movepos(src, bl->x, bl->y, 1, 1)) {
					skill->brandishspear(src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag);
					clif->slide(src, bl->x, bl->y);

for my skill.c im using brandishspear function in an attack that lunges me towards the target

before i would get caught during my cast time and i could move 3-4 times before the game elastic banned me


				if (unit->movepos(src, bl->x, bl->y, 1, 1)) {


if we wrote it like this

		case MR_LUNGE:
					unit->movepos(src, bl->x, bl->y, 1, 1);
					skill->brandishspear(src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag);


it looks like the zombies walk to the location i pointed at, but then i get shot there after a second or two...



but then i set it to this : 

		case MR_LUNGE:
					unit->movepos(src, bl->x, bl->y, 0, 0);
					skill->brandishspear(src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, flag);



So it seems to me that unit_movepos is just another modifier we can use


the final 2 moifiers are

int easy, bool checkpath

these are either 1 or 0... and i have no idea how they work without going through all the skills that use them however it seems to do the same things in game with my current code so just pick something your trying to match or flip em around if they dont work for whatever reason 


So in order to move visually we actually have to use these functions OR CLICK THE MOUSE ANYWHERE AND YOU WILL ZAP TO THAT CELL WITH THE WRITTEN ABOVE: 






All are usuable in different ways... I just wanted to clearify how to remove the lag





Actually a few notes from my clif.c jjust trying to go over and find this immediately 

static void clif_blown(struct block_list *bl)
//Aegis packets says fixpos, but it's unsure whether slide works better or not.
	clif->slide(bl, bl->x, bl->y);

Oh it turns out 

clif->fixpos is also a way to move you around the map

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