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Charlie Loves U

Setting up First offline server, but having issues


So I am currently following AnnieRuru's guide on how to set up an offline server, I followed all the steps up to a point where the guide tells me to open run-server.bat

the issue was that when it tried to run the servers, it says 

"login-server.exe was not found. make sure, that you have compiled the login-server."

and it repeats this for map-server.exe and char-server.exe in separate windows. the guide says to make a post if I failed to make it run properly at this point so here I am. any tips on what I can do to fix things or where i might have gone wrong? 

CONTEXT: first time doing anything like this and have no background in any of this server stuff, scripting, or any of that. the most background I have is a bit of web design years ago. so I'm sure I messed up somewhere along the line. 

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6 hours ago, Reick said:

hi, you probably missed step 2d and 2e,  you have to compile


double click on hercules-16.sln if you are using visual studio 2019 then click build solution 

this was it! thank you so much =]

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