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SmashRO is a new pre-renewal Diablo-like ragnarok online private server, which offers a similiar experience to that of Diablo.
Hunt MvP's, PvP, GvG, WoE as with any other server, but also, don't just play to kill MvP's then log out, take part in our custom 'realm' instances to have frequent MvP spawns, each instance with its own difficulty and MvP's to spawn!
Our realm instances reward players upon completion with 'Smash Shards' which can then be used to craft specialised custom items for each class, each with their own unique perks! With more custom items to come, personalise your build so you're ready to take on harder realm challenges and perform better in PvP/ GvG/ Woe.
In addition to all of that, costume items can be obtained via taking part in both automated and GM run events. With these events awarding players with 'Costume coins', players can chose which costumes items best suit their own personal preference. We are also allowing players to decide upon their own class sprites. Although this server is pre-renewal, players can decide to wear their renewal and jro variant class job suits, further enabling to customise your characters.
Server information:
Max level: 255
Max job level: 90
Max ASPD: 195
Type: Pre-renewal
Rates: 3k/3k
Drop rates:-
Normal Card: 20%
MvP Card: 1%
Healing items: 50%
etc items: 20%
Equips: Randomized
Diablo-like instances
Freebies to help you get started
Battlegrounds (Upon reaching enough players)
Custom items for each class
Ability to change equips with a single click
active GM's
Automated & GM run events
No overpowered donation
All donation items can be obtained in game
Kiel-based delay
Many customizable options (Costumes, Paletes, Job Sprites)
No ridiculously long grind x items quests!
Frequent content updates to keep replayability with further custom item releases,
countless class build possiblities!
Discord server
Baby classes

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