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r887 - Added Syrups And Green Apple Ring / Recoded Some Elemental Skills / Added Item Auto Identify Config / Other Fixes

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*Added the "item_auto_identify" config setting.
-This setting allows equips dropped by monsters to drop in a identified state.

*Added new skill and status tags and ID's.

*MAX_ITEMDELAYS increased to 20.


*Did a few updates in the item database.
-Fixed the long range damage bonus for the Elven Bow.
-Added the 30 days version of the Boarding Halter Box.
-Added the syrups which are basicly stronger HP/SP potions.
-Added the Green Apple Ring.

*Added item usage delays for ygg berry and ygg seed.
-Its disabled by default since its a RE thing but there for those wanting balance.


*Updated 3ceam_jobchange with checks for mounts, falcons, wargs, and carts.
-Now players will have to remove these things from their character before changing
-jobs to prevent certain possible issues. Also to future proof if more jobs come
-out in the future.


-Added the Engine Pile Bunker to the check.
-Now there's a total of 5 pile bunkers.

-Recoded these skills.
-The success chance and level of bolts casted is now affected by master's JobLV.
-Wild Storm now increases the master's ASPD by 5.
-Upheaval now increases the master's MaxHP by 5 * SummonLV.

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