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Missing Database Columns?


Hi all, sorry if I get any of this wrong. I'm new and kinda desperate for a fix.

After much struggle I have managed to get a server mostly running except for a few errors I cannot find a fix for, and am generally unsure on how to fix. Any help would be much appreciated.
After applying all the sql upgrades and files via phpmyadmin, I'm unable to create a character, and am told 'Character creation is disabled'. In the console, I've found the following errors on trying to create a character: 

[SQL]: DB error - Unknown column 'title_id' in 'field list'
[SQL]: DB error - Unknown column 'inventory_size' in 'field list'

I've played around with a few different solutions and nothing has been successful yet.

As a secondary inquiry but (probably?) less serious, I also receive this error 4 times:

[SQL]: DB error - Unknown column 'clan_id' in 'where clause'

Thanks in advance for any help!

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It looks like your db is missing some parts, are you using the sql files from your emulator? Try recreating your database

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Yep, I used a separate download for the sql-files that I thought was the same and that was my bane.
All works now, thanks for the help KirieZ.

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like Xross said, likely using older SQL database which is incompatible with the current Hercules revision. When you start the login server, it should say which files you need to add.

In any case, you can usually fix this by doing the following.

  1. Backup current database using mysqldump (unsure how to dump other ways)
    mysqldump database > ~/database-backup.sql
  2. Drop database, then recreate.
    DROP DATABASE database;
    CREATE DATABASE database;
  3. Create new table structures using Hercules SQL.
    mysql .... < sql-files/main.sql
  4. Then add your backed up database on top of that...
    mysql .... < ~/database-backup.sql
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