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October Digest 2019

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October Digest 2019

The following digest covers the month of October 1st - October 31st 2019

Team Changes

  • None


  • Added/updated packets, encryption keys and message tables for clients up to 2019-10-02. (#2537)
  • Added a new config file `conf/common/map-index.conf` to customize the location of the `map_index.txt` file. (part of #2547)


  • Moved several hardcoded messages to `messages.conf`. (#2152, issue #1282)
  • Updated the `@dropall` command to correctly show the amount of dropped (and skipped) items. (#2545)
  • Split the HULD generated translations into smaller (and easier to manage) files. A translation will now consist of a folder, with one .po (.pot) file per script. Third party translations may need to be updated to match this change. (#2492)
  • Changed the slave monsters' behavior to react to chase the same target as their master, to match the official behavior. A configuration setting `slave_chase_masters_chasetarget` has been provided in `battle/monster.conf` for those that wish to keep using the old custom behavior. (#2561)
  • De-hardcoded the path to the `db` folder, now using `map_configuration.database.db_path` and `char_configuration.database.db_path` in the map and char server respectively. This allows the user to customize the location of the db folder. (#2547)


  • Fixed an exploitable issue in the Izlude Arena party mode script. (#2538)
  • Fixed a buffer overflow in the `buildin_npcshopdelitem()`. (#2540)
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue in the Ore Downgrade script. (#1935, issue #1934)
  • Corrected the item bonus for `Drooping_Kitty_C`. (#2543)
  • Corrected the display of the Sense skill to cap to 0 the negative resistance values instead of underflowing them. (#2544)
  • Fixed compilation warning with gcc-9. (part of #2537)
  • Fixed the HP bar of party members not showing when they unhide. (#2549)
  • Fixed the status change timers not showing the correct values in the client, after relogging. This requires a database migration. (#2551, issue #2018)
  • Corrected Magnum Break's 2 second delay to be an after-cast delay (reducible by Bragi's Poem) instead of a cooldown. (#2553)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from closing their own vending shop. (#2555, issue #2554)
  • Fixed the Homunculus skill requirements being applied to the master as well. (#2556)
  • Fixed the Homunculus skill failure message not displaying any required items (part of #2556)
  • Fixed the Chaotic Blessings skill from Vanilmirth never picking the enemy as its random target to heal. (part of #2556)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the saved character data to retain the old party ID after leaving or getting kicked. (#2562)
  • Fixed some possible crashes or memory corruption caused by dangling pointers to guilds in the character data. (part of #2562, related to issue #1266)
  • Fixed the party name not getting removed from all affected characters (clientside) when a party is disbanded. (part of #2562)
  • Fixed a crash in the console command parser when a line consisting only of spaces is executed. (#2563)
  • Fixed the argument string passed to console commands when the input starts with multiple adjacent spaces. (part of #2563)
  • Fixed the mapindex value not getting updated in the `gm:info` console command. (part of #2563)
  • Fixed an issue that caused aggressive monsters with ranged attack to be unable to attack from above a cliff. (#2550)


  • Removed the legacy, unused, `castle_defense_rate` option from `battle/guild.conf`. (#2552)

Special thanks to

@Haru, @4144, @skyleo, @KirieZ, @kisuka, @Emistry, @Dastgir

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