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r889 - Elemental System Update Part 2 / Homunculus Bug Fixes

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*Elemental update part 2 completed.

*Added the "elemental" battle config file with a bunch of new configs in it.

-Added these new configs.

*Added the "eleminfo" command.
-This command allows one to see the stats of a summoned elemental.
-Quite useful for seeing the build of your elemental and what to expect from it.

*Added elemental tags and ID's to the mobid enum table.


*Cleaned up the elemental database.
-Note: Won't allow blank lines. This will be fixed on the elemental system recode.

*changed the required state "elementalspirit" to "elemental" for skill checks.


*Updated the behavior of the elementals.
-Reduced the chase range to a proper 2 above the view range.
-aMotion and aDelay behavior corrected to fix cropped attack animations.
-dMotion reduced to 300.
-Now has the same movement speed as their master.
-Chance of autocasting attack skill when attacking increased from 2% to 5%.
-Max follow distance from the master reduced from 6 to 3 cells.
-HP/SP now recovers at a rate of 2% MaxHP/MaxSP every 3 seconds.
-Sub-stats are now affected by the master's build.
-Formula's for MATK, DEF, and MDEF are customized to be balanced for pre-re.
-Formula for ASPD is official. The 2011 balance update document is wrong.
-Note: Natural HP/SP recovery will be on no matter the mode selected for now
-until the main system code is redone.


*Fixed a issue where the attack speed was faster then what it should be.

*Corrected a mistake that allowed them to do crits through regular attacks.
-Turns out in official they can't crit. Its like this for any non player entity
-unless its done through a skill that forces crit damage. Sorry about that.


-Recoded the skill.
-HP/SP recovery formula updated to official.
-Old Formula: Recovers 10% MaxHP/MaxSP.
-New Formula: Recovers HP/SP by the amount equal to what the master sacrificed.
-Example: Master with 47997 HP and 4387 SP will recover the elemental by 4799 HP
-and 438 SP.

-Now sets the homunculus and master's ASPD to a fixed value.

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