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r890 - Regen Rates Update / Insignia LV 1 Works / Gentle Touch Revitalize Recoded / Other Fixes

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*Regen rate adjusting for natural HP/SP recovery through status's and skills is
-updated to support adjustments in multiples of 1%.
-Why this was done in multiples of 100% before is just....ugh.

*The "eleminfo" command now displays a elementals regen rate.
-This is a temp thing and might be removed in the future once the recode is done.


*White Potion Z and Vitata 500 no longer increases HP/SP recovered through potions
-and heal skills. They do now increase natural HP/SP recovery rates by 20%.

*FAW's now have a 10% chance of dropping steel when killed.

*Updated settings for elemental skills.
-This is to prepare for the recoding of these skills.


-Recoded the skill.
-Now properly increases natural HP recovery rate.
-Now allows natural HP recovery while moving.
-Natural HP recovery rate is not reduced while moving.

-Level 1 now works on elementals.

-Summoned monster's HP, MaxAttack, DEF, and ASPD is now affected by the homunculus
-BaseLV and the skill level used.

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