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January Digest 2020

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January Digest 2020

The following digest covers the month of January 1st - January 31st 2020

Team Changes

  • None



  • Added/updated packets, encryption keys and message tables for clients up to 2020-01-08. (#2599)

  • Added support for auto exp insurance items. (#2603)

  • Added the script commands resetfeel() and resethate(). (#2285)

  • Added the atcommand @hatereset. (part of #2285)



  • Extracted packet ZC_SE_CASHSHOP_OPEN to a separate function. (part of #2599)

  • Renamed the functions clif_parse_CashShop* into clif_parse_cashShop*. (part of #2599)

  • Converted clif_partytickack() to use the struct version of packet ZC_PARTY_CONFIG. (part of #2599)

  • Extended setpcblock() with a new PCBLOCK_NPC functionality to prevent players interacting with NPCs (e.g. During some npctalk dialogue). (#2606)

  • Extended warpparty() and warpguild() with an option to disregard the nowarp and nowarpto mapflags. (#2604, issue #1861)

  • Updated copyright header for year 2020.



  • Fixed reading water level from RSW version 2.2 and newer. (part of #2599)

  • Fixed pc_have_item_chain() to retrieve the chain ID from the chain cache. (part of #2603)

  • Fixed an overflow in a zeny check condition in RODEX, causing code to never be executed. (#2266)

  • Fixed a re-definition of HPM related symbols in plugins with multiple compilation units. (#2608)



  • None



  • None


Special thanks to

@Haru, @4144, @Kenpachi@Asheraf, @Ridley, @bWolfie

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