StarGames Control Panel for Hercules 3rd Job

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File Name: StarGames Control Panel for Hercules 3rd Job

File Submitter: OnNplay

File Submitted: 30 Jul 2013

File Category: Web Resources


StarGames Control Panel is a Control Panel used for Private Ragnarok Online Servers.

It's integrated with it's very own Community Board System, Self Locking System, Server Status, and a Bug Report / Contact System.


Before installing Stargames Control Panel on your webhost, you need to make sure your webhost provider offers you:


* PHP 5.2

* PDO and PDO-MYSQL extensions for PHP5 (including PHP_MYSQL support)

* MySQL 5

* GD2 (for guild emblems and registration CAPTCHA)

* Tidy (for cleaner HTML output)

* Optional: mod_rewrite support for UseCleanUrls feature


You can view this demo by going to this link: http://sgcp.hostei.com/index.php?act=idx


Click here to download this file

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