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Custom rsm models, STR files, and bulk src editting

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I will make you practically anything as long as its not as big as the ragnarok church with full ragnarok and brow edit support from me included


Models will be generally around 5$ each , re- textures are less expensive 



I can edit Traps, Land skills(with some compatibility issues but much care..) and build you anything with the ROSTR animator


This stuff varies to worthless to 5$ in rostrviewer set up 



I will also take orders for bulk src and database modifications , for example if you want me to make you a bunch of star wars skills, ill do it and set it up for you perfectly and you can add the icons to the place markers i included... tons of support from me 


This stuff varies a bit but a little package of lets say ( force heal, lightning, pull, push, consfuse, speed and a few more things ) = 5$


Want me to make some super fancy bowling ball script ? = 5$ 





After purchase you will receive full support from me through my Discord 





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Approved, Good Luck

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Long (and detailed) story :
So I tried hiring him ("Naruto").
I actually saw his paid service topic over rathena, link here : Naruto's Third Party Service (And this is where i contacted him to get in touch via private message)


This is the private message I had to send him because he failed to offer any means of contacting him through discord, even though he wants to handle business through discord himself.

- As you can see I made myself clear in what I needed and wanted and he had every right to refuse or ask for more detail. Instead...
- Few hours later he added me on discord (i did not know it was him at that time, because 1. He didnt say a word to me after having accepted him and 2. His name and avatar picture does not match his rA/Herc profile)
- So eventually I got in contact with him
- This is how our conversation went:

- I don't think I have to say much else here.


- His rathena hired service topic: (in case he decides to post-edit it, this is what it looks like at this point in time)

- In this topic, he only mentions a price for his custom models, but also offers bulk custom skills (same as here)


Off topic from graphics but also offering a custom skill service, got an idea ? Give me a list and i will design everything I can quickly - I know what i can and cant do so I will let you know asap ( Many vouches ) 

- He speaks of many vouches but lists none.

- He speaks of contact through discord, but does not write his discord details.

- He mentions no price for src editing, especially BULK WHICH IS WHAT HE WRITES IN HIS TOPIC TITLE
- He mentions no payment information, preference, mentions nothing worth to a person looking to hire him. (Remember, we are talking BULK)

So naturally I needed to ask for that, especially since he mentions no references (or vouches), mentions no discord contact and so on. I believe I was very professional and respectful and that is how he responded.
Scam and lazy workers are common in this scene, so unless you wanna gamble your hard earned money, you need to make sure you can trust the person you are working with. (And make sure both parties agree to all terms)

You have been warned. Try at your own risk.

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