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Double Attack critic damage

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thanks, i'm going to test and give you feedback

On 3/20/2020 at 5:12 AM, X-EcutiOnner said:

if you need to testing can see my pr


So, those are the problems I found:


1: Can only trigger a double attack if proc a crit first. as shown by the video below, if you have low / no critical rate, you won't activate a double attack. the expected behavior is that crit rate doesn't influence the chance of trigger a double attack, but whenever activating a DA, it should be a critical hit.


2: Being able to proc double attack with katar without sidewinder, it shouldn't be possible. Also when equipping a Sidewinder card, the double attack rate seems much lower than it should, probably because it reads as a level 1 skill.


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This is initial release not complete yet and i'm not continue for it. Sorry Bro.

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