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How to check Skill ID's Client-Side


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How can I find out the skill ID's or effects that are client-side?
I have the problem that the 2019 clients have "wrong" skill effects for bard and dancer
and I would like to undo this without using an older client version.


I thought at first that was a source error. Here's the topic.


Can anyone help me out?

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1 hour ago, Kenpachi said:



Client-side the skill IDs are defined in skillid.lub.




I know, but they're all Right (original). For the 2018 clients or older, the Bragi skill effect etc. is normal,
but from the 2019 clients on, all Bard & Dancer skill effects are different, as shown in the Pictures,
so it must be set in the Ragexe somehow or whatever the reason may be.

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Brd / dancer was reworked after 2018-11-21b client.
They no longer cast auras and instead apply Party buffs with a cast time. (thats why you have missing song effects and only see a cast animation)
Gepard Shield has a function to restore this if you order his product.
Else you can use a client up to 2018-11-21b.


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