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[Paid] Edit Map

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Could someone tell me how much I would have to pay for editing an existing map.

Basically it consists of taking a castle map (Kriemhild) and joining its parts, that is, removing the portals and creating a kind of passage in the place, the idea is to make the map one, like the ones in the woe 2.0...

I would appreciate it if someone offered to do it, especially if it was someone from my country, since my currency doesn't have much value.   (1 Dólar = 5.2 R$)

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19 minutes ago, Ridley said:

Approving this. Good Luck.

Ridley, thank you very much, I am a big fan of yours, I wish you all the blessings of the world under your life.

You don’t need to not up on the topic, I just wanted to let you know that in anonymity you have people who admire your work

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