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jRO Exclusive Monsters

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jRO Exclusive Monsters

All jRO Exclusive, Event and Special Episode monsters.

This file was originally posted by @fxfreitas at Midgard-Community.


The archive contains the following monster sprites:

  • abyss_arthur (corridor of abyss special instance boss)
  • AMELIT (ghost carring a gemstone)
  • ANGLERFISH (Mini-boss)
  • deviruchi_w (a white deviruchi, event)
  • domovoi (custom pet, based on RO2 domovoi)
  • EMELIT (ghost carring a gemstone)
  • giant_deviruchi (event monster)
  • giant_deviruchi_w (event monster)
  • headless_mule (remake of original brasilis monster, last kRO already implemented)
  • HERA (Episode Monster)
  • j_taini (tiny, event monster and pet)
  • kraken_baby (marse edit)
  • LILITH (Episode Monster)
  • M_DARK_KNIGHT (Mercenary monster)
  • M_FLAME_KNIGHT (Mercenary monster)
  • M_ICE_KNIGHT (Mercenary monster)
  • M_LIGHT_KNIGHT (Mercenary monster)
  • M_STONE_KNIGHT (Mercenary monster)
  • merman_se (merman edit)
  • METAL_DRAGON (Pet and dungeon monster)
  • MYTHLIT (ghost carring a gemstone)
  • pad_fafnir (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_helheim (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_horai (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_ifrit (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_kinggold (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_kingmetal (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_leviathan (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_muspelheim (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_mythlit (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_niraikanai (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_shangrila (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_tamadora (Pet)
  • pad_zaerog (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • pad_zerog (Can't Move, Can't Attack)
  • poseidon (strouf edit)
  • RUBYLIT (ghost carring a gemstone)
  • SAPPHLIT (ghost carring a gemstone)
  • seiren (obeaune edit)
  • SIREN (Episode Monster)
  • tacnu (Mini-boss)
  • TOPALIT (ghost carring a gemstone)


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