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Please help me while making a new skill





Now I am creating a skill by following the Adding new skills guide at this address.

All staps were followed, and the skill was created in the game.



However, when I try to use it, the warning indicator appears in map-server.bat and it is not used.




Also, when running run-server.bat, this error appears in map-server.bat.

I think I need to adjust the max skill db, but how can I fix this error?

Please help me ㅠㅠ


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the documentation has not been updated yet but you must define the constant CUSTOM_SKILL_RANGES at compile time, with the syntax being:

{from, to},
{from, to},

In your case since you are only adding one skill you would define it as:

{8443, 8443},


this means you would pass a -D compiler option like this:



...which will insert it in skill_idx_ranges[]

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Thanks for the advice.



I have skill.h's skill_idx_ranges[] format a little different from your link.

I put mg_EARTBOLT like the image.

The error message disappeared,

but I still tried to shoot the skill in the game, but the skill point is not used.

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Posted (edited)

How do you define CUSTOM_SKILL_RANGES? Can't work it out. No documentation available still.


Whenever I make changes to skill_idx_ranges[] it causes everything from { GD_APPROVAL, GD_DEVELOPMENT }, to break.


Edit: It seems that the skill id must be listed in order. I was using skill id below 10000, but listed after. This means all custom skill must be of more than GD_DEVELOPMENT, otherwise CUSTOM_SKILL_RANGES will cause issues.

Edited by bWolfie

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