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@evilpuncker there you go

2 hours ago, evilpuncker said:

.... I have a suggestion if you looking to release anything: a mapflag to prevent pet tamming 😁





tested with

prontera,155,185,5	script	dfgsfgdfg	1_F_MARIA,{
	pet 0;
//prontera	mapflag	nopettame

there are several problems with this plugin though

1. I tested with unripe apple, and the item still being deleted, because it seems hercules has changed pet taming items from IT_DELAYCONSUME(11) into IT_USABLE(2)

2. Sage's hocus pocus has SA_TAMINGMONSTER skill also can catch pets, so nope, I couldn't just give back the items, since give back items also mean sage will get free pet taming items



lazy to think anymore .... go to sleep now brrrr...


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