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originate from rathena


Download 1.0




Description -> copy paste from rathena forum


Just checking if there is a free script that has these functions?

Able to input Party name A and Party Name B Manually (For recall)
Able to recall party A and B, manually (or automatic, as long as party name input is manual)
Able to start match manually (with gates)
choose which party is winner + announce (then warps all players back to save)

maybe my requirements are very detailed. I checked annierurus pt vs pt and it is automated and by pub.
any close to this is welcome, maybe I can just add the other features.

by the way I added OnPCUseSkillEvent feature



 src/map/skill.c | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/src/map/skill.c b/src/map/skill.c
index f93f5c662..50f64a32c 100644
--- a/src/map/skill.c
+++ b/src/map/skill.c
@@ -97,6 +97,7 @@ static const struct {
+	{ 2995, 2995 },


	Id: 2995
	Name: "Register_Party_Match"
	Description: "Register_Party_Match"
	MaxLevel: 3
	Range: 15
	SkillType: {
		Friend: true
	Event_Label: "PartyVsParty::OnSelectTeam"

data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\skillinfoz\skillid.lub

	Register_Party_Match = 2995

data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\skillinfoz\skilldescript.lub

	[SKID.Register_Party_Match] = {
		"Register Party Match",
		"^FF0000Note: Remember to hold Shift key!^000000",
		"MAX Lv : 3",
		"Lv 1: Register the player as Party A.",
		"Lv 2: Register the player as Party B.",
		"Lv 3: Start the Match !! (Can use on Any player)",

data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\skillinfoz\skillinfolist.lub

	[SKID.Register_Party_Match] = {
		SkillName = "Register Party Match",
		MaxLv = 3,
		Type = "Quest",
		SpAmount = { 0 },
		bSeperateLv = true,
		AttackRange = { 15 },



its totally up to you to add this or not, but I found it's very convenient after add them

having a cursor to immediately select the player I want without typing the name out

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