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I want to request a plugin @itemdestroy just like in EAMOD!


When you use @itemdestroy it will destroy the item in the whole server whether it is in Inventory / Cart Inventory / Storage / Mail


usage: @itemdestroy <Item ID or Item Name>

It will totally destroy the item and vanish it from the server and no one will have it in an instant once you use this command just like in eaMOD

Link - https://github.com/zephyrus-cr/eamod/search?q=itemdestroy


This will be useful to everyone when there is a limited event.

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On 11/20/2020 at 4:02 AM, keough said:

I want to request a plugin @itemdestroy just like in EAMOD!

eamod's `@itemdestroy` doesn't include cards
so `@itemdestroy 4001` will not destroy the poring card that already slot into the equipment

the purpose of this mod is just to remove certain ... event related items I guess


.... hmmm ....

upon reading the code, I don't really think this will work ... let me test


#include "common/hercules.h"
#include "map/pc.h"
#include "map/itemdb.h"
#include "map/storage.h"
#include "common/nullpo.h"
#include "plugins/HPMHooking.h"
#include "common/HPMDataCheck.h"

HPExport struct hplugin_info pinfo = {

ACMD(itemdestroy) {
	int nameid = atoi(message);
	if (itemdb->exists(nameid) == 0) {
		clif->message(fd, "Enter a Valid Item ID. Usage: @itemdestroy <itemid>");
		return false;
	int i;
	struct map_session_data *psd;
	struct s_mapiterator *iter = mapit_getallusers();
	for (psd = BL_UCAST(BL_PC, mapit->first(iter)); mapit->exists(iter); psd = BL_UCAST(BL_PC, mapit->next(iter))) {
		for (i = 0; i < MAX_INVENTORY; ++i) { // Inventory Removal
			if (psd->status.inventory[i].nameid != nameid)
			pc->delitem(psd, i, psd->status.inventory[i].amount, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_COMMAND);
		for (i = 0; i < MAX_CART; ++i) { // Cart Removal
			if (psd->status.cart[i].nameid != nameid)
			pc->cart_delitem(psd, i, psd->status.cart[i].amount, 0, LOG_TYPE_COMMAND);
		for (i = 0; i < VECTOR_LENGTH(psd->storage.item); ++i) { // Storage Removal
			struct item *sitem = &VECTOR_INDEX(psd->storage.item, i);
			if (sitem->nameid == nameid)
				storage->delitem(psd, i, sitem->amount);
		if (psd->status.guild_id > 0) { // Guild Storage Removal
			struct guild_storage *stor;
			nullpo_ret(stor=idb_get(gstorage->db, psd->status.guild_id));
			for (i = 0; i < MAX_GUILD_STORAGE; ++i) {
				if (stor->items[i].nameid != nameid)
				gstorage->delitem(psd, stor, i, stor->items[i].amount);
	return true;

HPExport void plugin_init(void) {
	addAtcommand("itemdestroy", itemdestroy);

yup doesn't work, the guild storage opens up, and there are delay between map-server and char-server when determine the client actually accessing the guild storage or not


in fact, eamod's item destroy doesn't even include guild storage or mail removal

	Item Removal
void pc_item_remove4all(int nameid, bool char_server)
	if( char_server )
		struct map_session_data *sd;
		struct s_mapiterator* iter;
		int index;

		iter = mapit_getallusers();
		for( sd = (TBL_PC*)mapit_first(iter); mapit_exists(iter); sd = (TBL_PC*)mapit_next(iter) )
			for( index = 0; index < MAX_INVENTORY; index++ )
			{ // Inventory Removal
				if( sd->status.inventory[index].nameid != nameid )
				pc_delitem(sd, index, sd->status.inventory[index].amount, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_COMMAND);

			for( index = 0; index < MAX_CART; index++ )
			{ // Cart Removal
				if( sd->status.cart[index].nameid != nameid )
				pc_cart_delitem(sd, index, sd->status.cart[index].amount, 0, LOG_TYPE_COMMAND);

			for( index = 0; index < MAX_STORAGE; index++ )
			{ // Storage Removal
				if( sd->status.storage.items[index].nameid != nameid )
				storage_delitem(sd, index, sd->status.storage.items[index].amount);

			for( index = 0; index < MAX_EXTRA_STORAGE; index++ )
			{ // Extra Storage
				if( sd->status.ext_storage.items[index].nameid != nameid )
				ext_storage_delitem(sd, index, sd->status.ext_storage.items[index].amount);


this idea is fantastic, only in theory, but doesn't work on live server

better just run DELETE syntax from MySQL and remove the item when server is offline

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