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Xan Sietry

HiwaRO - LF ­> Owner/Dev partner

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Hello everyone,

We are looking for someone that has the ability to work on pretty much everything that is required to make and maintain a Ubuntu Linux cloud-based server, hosted at DigitalOcean in our case.

Here's a resume of the said so abilities:

  • A reasonable Linux knowledge, at least enough to maintain a RO server, which doesn't require to know every corner of Linux, far from it actually.
  • Comfortable with SFTP and SSH. (We personally use the program Bitvise, which opens both SSH and SFTP at the same time.)
  • Basic C/C++ scripting knowledge, which means that you should be able to create & fix basic scripts.
  • Not really a must, but if you know your way around the src files, it's a + for sure.
  • But most importantly,  you need to be passionate about Ragnarok Online. (Read what's below to understand the actual meaning behind this!)


**There's a point that is really important to us and there it is:

My actual business partner and I we're already capable of doing all the things that have been mentioned above, so this would be a partnership since the tasks distribution would be equal in terms of development for all three of us

So just to be clear, you wouldn't have to develop a whole server, the server development is already very advanced.

The main reason we're looking for someone is that we really want to offer the best experience possible for our players.

This project is really focusing on a NONE P2W environment, our goal is not to make money off this project, if we end up making money because people love the server and they want to support us, then, we'll be very happy, but it's clearly not our main objective.

We're all passionate about this project and Ragnarok Online in general, and this is someone like that we're looking for. 

In no way we want to be harsh, but if you expect to make a career charging people for your services on RO in 2020, it might be difficult and it's not someone with this type of mentality that we're looking for. 

So if you're open to helping us make this server one of the greatest classic trans low rates servers out there, don't hesitate to contact us right away!

Here's how to do so:

          image.png.d1f6fc0adaf8f3517ffeaeb8b3faef15.png  Xan Sietry#3284


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