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Ragnarok Online Private Server Concept - Devil Fruit RO - One Piece inspired

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a private Ragnarok Online server that I was creating last year over a couple of months.
I have stopped developing it for now, as it's a lot of work, and being alone following this idea makes it hard for me to continue.
However, I thought I would share what I had done, and maybe would regain some inspiration.

It's a One Piece based server, but unlike some other One Piece inspired server concepts, this one would simply focus on Devil Fruits.
It would run as a normal ragnarok online server, but with the possibility of obtaining Devil Fruits, which would provide your character with custom skills.

Here's a description of what I had envisioned:

Ragnarok Online Private Server Concept: Devil Fruit RO

Based on One Piece manga/anime, the idea behind this server is that there are Devil Fruits.
Devil Fruits give the user unique abilities: "Devil Fruits are mystical and mysterious fruits found throughout the world that, when consumed, grant the eater a special super-human power(...)" - One Piece Wiki
In this RO server, you would be able to acquire Devil Fruits, which would then give your character special skills.
Each character can only have one devil fruit, which gives you access to 5 custom skills.
You can combine your devil fruit powers to any ragnarok job, allowing for thousands of possible combinations for your character to be truly unique.

Devil Fruit item would be a rare drop, and it's a usable item that when used gives the user a random Devil Fruit.
Some fruits are rarer than others (for ex: a normal Zoan is more common than an Ancient Zoan, which in turn is more common than a Mythical Zoan).

Each fruit grants a ultimate skill, which can be a power-up or some other kind of skill (for example, for Zoan type fruits the ultimate skill is the Beast form where your character transforms into a monster).
These ultimate skills can't be used in PvP maps, but can be used in normal PvE maps and GvG/WoE, and normally have 5 minutes of duration and have a 30 minute cooldown.
That means that at best, on a WoE (War of emperium - guild wars), each character would be able to use, at best, his ultimate skill 4 times.

The idea would be to have more than 80 devil fruits.
At the moment I have created 34 devil fruits and about 180 new skills.



I used Hercules Emulator for this.

I created a video to show what I've done: 


Thank you :)

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