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Inzanity's Services [Client side setup] [Custom Client patches]

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Hello everyone!

[About us]

We are a team that consists of multiple incredibly experienced developers and long-term Ragnarok players. Some of us have been playing since the old beta iRO days.
We are very confident in our ability to read and modify most modern Ragnarok clients. We have worked with various clients from 2018, 2019 and 2020, as well as a few older ones.
We primarily work with NEMO Patcher, but also recently started working with WARP Patcher as well.

[What do we offer]

1. Finding and patching your desired client.exe with NEMO or WARP according to your wishes. Providing support for said patches, counseling for optimal client setup for your server. (Low latency, best features, avoid "client bloating")

2. Create custom NEMO or WARP patches! Have a cool idea that you want to implement into your client but cannot find any dedicated Reverse Engineers? We are all that you need. Consult with us regarding possibilities.


3. Selling already completed pre-made custom NEMO patches. WARP patches coming soon...



[Availability Status : Semi-Available] [To provide the best customer experience we will not take more than 2 Jobs at a time, but feel free to contact us anyway!]





- For our first service we will use patches that already come with NEMO. Custom patches are not included. You can pick your own client version or let us choose (based on your needs). Additional counseling for customers is free of charge if it's within reason. :)

- For our second service you need to consider that Server Side modifications may also be necessary to realize your custom client patch. We will need to charge extra for that and the price can and will heavily vary based on the project scope.

- For our third service you need to consider that these patches have been tested only on specific client versions and may not work for your desired client. If the patch can be adjusted without much hassle for your client, you will not be charged extra for the adjustment. However if the adjustments require substantial amount of time, we may be UNABLE to adjust the patch for you. In that case you will get a full refund, unless you agree to pay for further adjustment fees.

- We reserve the right to deny any request we deem inappropriate or too difficult / large scale. In case of language barriers (eg. unable to accurately determine the client's wishes), we may also deny your request.

- WARP patches may take longer to complete and have a slightly higher cost, since we only recently started working with this Patcher. (As of 2021-01-14)



Note: Pre-Made patches have to be applied by our team personally to your client.exe, together with the other patches you wish to use. (Contact us for further information) This is to prevent re-selling our work.


1. Party Member SP bars, fully integrated with Party Window, Battlegrounds and GM Mode.


PRICE: 100$ [20% OFF for initial sale! OG. 125$]
+$ fee if the patch does not natively work on your desired client version and has to be modified to work with it (see Details above).

- Tested on : 2019-02-13e

- Includes a Server Side patch to enable the feature client side. [Tested on Hercules, can be ported to rAthena!]


2. More coming soon...


[Payment & Contact]


1. As of now we only accept Paypal.

2. You can contact us on discord : Inzanity#1558

3. If you want your client directly patched, instead of getting a patch file, the price will be lower. (Due to the extra time needed to write NEMO/WARP patches) However we do not recommend this option, because server owners possibly opting to upgrade their client version in the future.
4. If possible, we require to use "Goods / Services" at Paypal. (Some countries may not allow that). The customer will cover any transaction fees.

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