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PLV RO - Upper Staff needed.

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With over 17 years of RO experience, with a dozen of those being at the helm of Private Server's development teams over the years, I decided based on the good reviews of a previously run server, that I would adventure into the world of RO private server creation yet again. I am driven. I know what I want, but cannot necessarily always manifest my thoughts into code. Between fighting against what escapes my realm of expertise, source coding, web design, plugins, client patches, etc, I still find many other avenues that I do actively pursue. Custom monsters, maps, quests, npc dialogue options, skill trees, graphic design, innovative customs, etc. 


What I'm looking for is particularly vague, but I can assure you that financial compensation is always the reward for hard work. 



I'm always active here. 


Whether you have unique resources, cool features, are actively friendly towards creativity, or could always use another place to discuss limit-testing and theory crafting of RO development, then you should check us out!


I'm only one person haha. 


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