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custom mob standing on the map


good morning i ran the site 4 days ago and i don't think i need it i'm looking for a script help example i want to add custom mobs on the map i want to put on the map of prt_fild04 and prontera on the outputs how would i do to do this? I already have a custom mono made so that I will add more I wanted to know in this script how I would do it because I don't see tutorial anywhere I'll send my script so someone can help me see what's wrong with it and help me fix it so it stays on the permanent map


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<map name>,<x>,<y>,<xs>,<ys>%TAB%monster%TAB%<monster name>%TAB%<mob id>,<amount>,<delay1>,<delay2>,<event>{,<mob size>,<mob ai>}


Map name is the name of the map the monsters will spawn on. X,Y are the
coordinates where the mob should spawn. If X's and Y's are non-zero, they
specify the 'radius' of a spawn-rectangle area centered at x,y.


prt_fild04,190,240,210,260	monster	Chimu	22000,10,10000,11000,0
prontera,190,240,210,260	monster	Chimu	22000,10,10000,11000,0




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