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Forging + Item Option

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Someone message me this concept a long time ago but I became busy.


With some free time, I decide to try and create a plugin for this.


Here is what I have done initially:



With that setup, it was set to take random options from any of the available random options in the database and the set value was just hardcoded from 1 - 10.

In the video, there is one item option with 5 options but shows 4 options for the item, it is because, the option that has been randomly generated is: 

	Id: 86
	Script: <" /* Needs more info */ ">


In client file, there is no counterpart for this ID as well, thus it will not show even though the slot was taken by this option.

A lot of things could be improved and added.


This could be combined with the item options + drop effect I made before.

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