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Add permanent stats, if condition is true


Hi all,


I'd like to add to my server achievement system that was presented in RO Mobile (Eternal Love).

Ok, close to it ~ 



- Collect something (poring card and fabre card) get +1 str.

- Pass through 25 level of ET get +5 to DEF.

- Kill Drake get +1000 HP.


Do you have any good idea on how it should looks like.


I was thinking about below, but no effect in both cases.

-	script	sample	-1,{

	if(ACHIEVE_0001 = 1) {
	bonus bStr,100;
	autobonus "{ bonus bAllStats,100; }",100,10000,BF_WEAPON|BF_MISC,"{ specialeffect2 EF_FIRESPLASHHIT; }";


Your assistance will be highly appreciated!~

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13 hours ago, astralprojection said:

if(ACHIEVE_0001 == 1) {

That's was my misprint, but it changes nothing.

Does not work, when I log in.

Any ideas? 

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Did you tried?

achievement_iscompleted(<ach_id>{, <account_id>})

And if the "bonus syntax" doesn't work you could try to create your own status and assign them to the players when they login.

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