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Official VIP System

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it is not, and most likely not going to be released


well, that's sad.


Just out of curiosity, what's the reason behind? The feature are released from the official servers.


most of our devs are retired or without time

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The reason why no one works on this "feature" is that, while being an official feature, it has nothing to do with the game. Its sole purpose is to monetize (which certainly isn't what players are looking for). If a private server owner wants to monetize (from a game they don't even own the rights for), they can invest some time, and develop a VIP system (and why not, make a pull request, we'd likely merge it, as long as it wouldn't impair the Hercules performance for those who want a vanilla Ragnarok experience).


Hercules development is progressing (see the number of branches that are being worked on -- it's not only the feature that make it into master), but no one, including Ind, would want to spend their free time on something whose sole purpose is to make leechers earn money more easily. And I believe Ind was especially bitter about that aspect of the community, when he left.

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