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Rytech's Client Building and Custom Job Services

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Rytech's Client Building and Custom Job Services

Open For Requests: No
Number of Tasks (Requesters) In Query: 0


*Client Building - $20
-A fully assembled client ready to use for your server.
-The client includes needed text files, lua files, and textures, which are translated to english.
-Also includes Ai4rei's Open Setup (options setup), Ai4rei's kRO and RE Patchers.
-The login window will be restored to its original setup, unless the requester chooses not to.
-Will also include Ai4rei's ROCred for outside client login if the requester doesn't want the original login screen in the client restored.
-A client exe patched and tested (Test's by connecting to your server, performing basic things like moving, attacking, and using skills, and confirm GUI is working properly with translations).
-Clients offered are the 2013-12-23Ragexe and higher.

*Custom Client Side Content - Price Depends On Task.
-Adding custom content into the client. Content like....
-Monster's (copy of official or adding in custom)

-You must provide the custom data that you want added into your client.

*Custom Jobs - Currently Not Offered Due To Issues With Support Code
-Adds in a entirely customized job specially made however you want.
-Does not replace any existing official jobs.
-Custom jobs require server and client side work to be done.
-Client side work that will be done are all within lua files.
-Adding adult and baby jobs are possible.
-Custom jobs can also be set with a class exclusive mount.
-All custom jobs can also be assigned a rental mount.
-There are some limits to making a custom job.
-You can choose to use any existing job sprite you want or provide your own.
-Note that each existing sprite is made to work with certain weapon sprites. So a example is a Knight type sprite with Katars could cause errors.
-Requires a 2013-08-07aRagexe client or higher to support the custom job feature.


*Things To Know Before Contacting Me
-Work will be started only after 50% of the asking price is paid.
-The other 50% of the asking price must be paid and confirm paid before the completed work is sent to the requester.
-Asking prices are in US Dollars (USD).
-All payments are to be done through Paypal.
-All work done is owned by me and is distributed only to paying requesters by me. The requester (you) and others are not allowed to redistribute my work.
-I only do work on Monday - Friday unless im really in the mood to do it on the weekends.
-When PMing me with your request, please give me details on what you want and not just a simple "I want that". Have a idea on what you want and with whatever features thats on your "Must Have" list.

Newer services will become available in the future when possible. If your interested in hiring me, you can PM me and well have a small chat to figure out what you want and go on from there. Feel free to ask me anything.

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well you can certainly trust Rytech with your eyes closed. He does a wonderful job. i availed his services even before he posted this. he is very humble with no arrogance and attitude. hes a chilled out guy who does his work in full senses :P  and h knows what he is doing. I enjoyed and had fun working with him. If i get another chance of working with him i will in no way leave the chance. He is good guy and there is nothing that he cant do unless he is busy or tired etc. but just in case he cant do it, he ll straight away tell that he cant do it cuz he busy etc what ever the reason may be. Very less people are as humble , dedicated and knowledgeable without attitude, arrogance etc like him. That is a rare combination in people these days.


when contacted on skype or any where else, his reply is also very prompt.  I on my part gave him the space he needed to wrack his brains and he did an amazing job. I can go bla bla bla bla bla about him more, but what is important is that he is not 100% trustable but 400% trustable and dependable.

I would give  him "Mr. Dependable" Tag to him if i could :)


This is a honest thought  and opinion i have about him. 

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