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Costume Item Plugins

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Hmmm.... Costume not working,


I converted item into costume, but still its been equipped at Normal Position.


And a correction in plugin

clif->message(fd, "Please enter an item name or ID (usage: @ci <item name/ID>).");

should be 

clif->message(fd, "Please enter an item name or ID (usage: @costumeitem <item name/ID>).");


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^ Did you add "HPMHooking", in plugins.conf? costumeitem.c is using Hook so you must enable HPMHooking in plugins.conf


Aside from that, I cant reproduce your problem.


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Update 1.0a

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Tried this plugin and found this error:

       CC      costumeitem.cIn file included from costumeitem.c:20:../common/HPMDataCheck.h:10: error: array type has incomplete element type../common/HPMDataCheck.h:127: error: empty scalar initializer../common/HPMDataCheck.h:127: error: (near initialization for ‘HPMDataCheck’)make[1]: *** [../../plugins/costumeitem.so] Error 1

How to fix this?

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Hello bro, Costume Item v2 is  not working with the current revision.. please update.






		 if( ep == EQP_SHADOW_SHIELD )/* are there conditions for those? */			 return EQP_SHADOW_WEAPON|EQP_SHADOW_SHIELD;	 }+	if( battle_config.reserved_costume_id &&+		sd->status.inventory[n].card[0] == CARD0_CREATE &&+		(char_id = MakeDWord(sd->status.inventory[n].card[2],sd->status.inventory[n].card[3])) == battle_config.reserved_costume_id )+	{ // Costume Item - Converted+		if( ep&EQP_HEAD_TOP ) { ep &= ~EQP_HEAD_TOP; ep |= EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP; }+		if( ep&EQP_HEAD_LOW ) { ep &= ~EQP_HEAD_LOW; ep |= EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW; }+		if( ep&EQP_HEAD_MID ) { ep &= ~EQP_HEAD_MID; ep |= EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_MID; }+	}	 return ep; } 

Current look


		sd->inventory_data[n]->look == W_1HAXE) {		if(  (pc->checkskill(sd,AS_LEFT) > 0 ||			 (sd->class_&MAPID_UPPERMASK) == MAPID_ASSASSIN ||			 (sd->class_&MAPID_UPPERMASK) == MAPID_KAGEROUOBORO) ) { //Kagerou and Oboro can dual wield daggers. [Rytech]			if( ep == EQP_HAND_R )				return EQP_ARMS;			if( ep == EQP_SHADOW_WEAPON )				return EQP_SHADOW_ARMS;		} 


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Thank you for sharing this, not only its a good plugin, it'll help me learn HPM too xD I was trying to learn how to edit some pc functions and this was a very good example.

Btw do you have a git hub this script?



I just installed, and it works great. Just need to know how I can turn the stats off when the costume is equipped, also is it possible to change the generated name to "costume" instead of player name? eg. costume's baphomet horn . Cause player name is kind of scam prone xD

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