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goddameit updated the file, check if it works


still the same error when i recompile that.


can u make it work with latest hercules sir?

i just saw the new script v3 by @@goddameit is using old rev hercules.


 SC__CHAOS	577 SC__FEINTBOMB_MASTER	578 SC_FALLENEMPIRE	579+SC_BOT	581  e_gasp	0 e_what	1

but the e_gasp 0 , e_what 1 was located after SC_CUP_OF_BOZA so i put SC_BOT after it like and the code was 612, cos 581 was used by SC_DEFSET




sry for trouble .. /sob

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You need to have some coding technology if you want to use it, or you can hire someone to help you.

(I'm lazy on checking it whenever herc updata)



(Did you see something missing in here? yeap, just add it.)


i think i got it..

is it right sir ??


bool bot_check_target(struct block_list *src, unsigned int id){	struct block_list *bl = map->id2bl(id);	if (bl)	{		if (path->search(NULL, bl, src->m, src->x, src->y, bl->x, bl->y, 1, CELL_CHKNOREACH) && distance_xy(src->x, src->y, bl->x, bl->y) < 11)		{			TBL_MOB *md = BL_CAST(BL_MOB, bl);			if (md)			{				if (md->status.hp > 0)				{					return true;				}			}		}	}	return false;}

recompile is success.. but i dont know if its right






domo arigatouuu /bow



Love you guuuysss~

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