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Chemi's Resume

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What can I offer your server?
   -Custom Maps
Simple as that, I don't want any other role.  I don't script, code, or anything of that sort.  I just map.  I do not offer anything custom model or texture wise right now, but if you have patience with me I am more than willing to attempt to learn for the sake of the server.
Why should I be hired?
I'd like to think that I am dedicated.  I agree that I have my fair share of in real life things that go on, but I will still be a dedicated team member.  
   -Easy Going
I take criticism easily, I don't mind it, in fact I appreciate it.  Unless its just down right rude [ Example:  'This map is just crap' I don't mind if you think that, but you can word it better or offer suggestions. ]  I promise I'm not going to make a big deal if you don't like something I do.  In fact, I like that people have different ideas for maps or anything of that sort.  I'd like to think I'm easy going, or easy to get along with.
   -Constructive Feedback
I like to give feedback and bounce ideas [if I have any that is.]  I've joined too many servers that are just starting out that have staff who lack any ideas and depend on one person the whole time, that's not what makes a team!
What do I ask for in return?
I have a few 'stipulations', if I may put it that way.  I cannot work most of Saturday, sadly that's just how it is.  I usually can work Saturday nights but not days.
I do have a job, its part time, so 3 out of those days I most likely cannot work, 4 if you count the Saturday.  So 4 out of 7 days I may be unable to work, its not always that way though, if I work morning shift I can easily work when I get home, sadly that is not the case usually.
Do not rush me. I understand you are probably eager to get the server out there, you are eager to try the map out.  But please, if you want me to stay, you will not rush me about the map.  I am offering my services for free by joining you and maps do take time and dedication.  And it can be very frustrating [ BrowEdit crashes sometimes D: ]
Be friendly.  What I hate is working with sticks in the mud, if you're not talkative at all it makes me wonder whats going on and sometimes it makes it unbearable to work with a server, at least for me.
Things I prefer?
I prefer to work with a server who has dedicated people, even if its just a few people I don't care.  Dedication is key!
I would prefer to work with a low rate community but that is really irrelevant.  I've just been seeking to work with a low rate community for a while, with story.  In fact any story based server would be awesome to work with.
Servers I've worked for?
I would totally list them if any of them actually released.  Sadly none has, most were grand ideas in the making and it never took off.  And I don't usually try to work with servers so that's another thing.
Examples of my work?
Those are some of my works, some are just maps in the making or things Ive never finished, please note that this shows some unfinished works.
How can I be contacted?
Skype: Torilpenn

I hope to hear from some people soon.  I would love to be an addition to a server to make something special.  =]

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good luck, you look like a very good person to work with :) sadly I don't like to mess with maps at all otherwise I would like to work with you for sure, but well, good luck again :D

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