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ItemDB can support items with > 32k id

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So I just read the May Digest, and there's no word about this so I'm assuming it was never added. Is there any talk about it from the core devs though?


rAthena's already done it quite recently.

It is not yet added @ Hercules.

(Maybe i will make a pull request, so core dev can review it.)

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Already implemented in latest rev.?? Coz when I try changing #define MAX_ITEMDB 0x10000

I got this compile error. :(

itemdb.c: In function 'itemdb_validate_entry':
itemdb.c:1370: warning: comparison is always false due to limited range of data type


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Well , in case another unfortunate soul happens to come by this same mistake:

You can solve it by changing the actual SQL data save in :

src/char/char.c from short to ushort

Even if you already changed the definitions in src/map the emulator is apparently configured to send a short value regardless... which this change fixes

Well that's it , enjoy!

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